Take a Tour of Ashland

This page offers a quick tour of Ashland.

Ashland Presbyterian Church

Ashland Presbyterian Church

Ashland was established in 1874, near the Ashland ironworks just north of Cockeysville, Maryland.  The church sits on a hill above the Western Run river, a tributary of the Gunpowder River.



In the tradition of the Presbyterian Church, the Sanctuary is simple.   Here, the contemporary team prepares for early worship.


Sunday school for children of all ages.


During the week the education wing houses the Ashland Preschool Center.  On Sundays, the classrooms serve many purposes.   At 10:00 all the rooms are busy with Sunday School classes.

Adult Bible Class.

Adult Bible Class.

The Adult Bible Study meets at the same time, discussing contemporary issues in the context of Biblical teaching.


Child care in the Nursery.

For children under age 6, child care is available  on Sunday morning from 9AM to noon, provided by a child care professional.


Fellowship in coffee hour after the traditional service.

After the traditional service, classrooms may host coffee hours or committee meetings.


Communicant class in fellowship hall.

The Fellowship Hall sits behind the education building.   The youth Sunday School class meets in the hall.  Youth group also meets in the hall.


Cooking for Sarah’s Hope.

Recently the kitchen was completely redesigned to support both service and fellowship activities.


Visitors are always welcome to worship, study, service and fellowship activities!   Contact the church office for more information.













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