Week Two: Surrender

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Rev. Katie Jo Suddaby is the Executive Director of the South Wedge Food Program in Rochester, NY. She is an ordained pastor in the American Baptist Church and a multi-media artist. Katie Jo specializes in sand art and its lessons in letting go and meditation. You can find her work at sandbykatiejo.com or donate to her food program here.

Click here for the Week Two: Surrender Podcast.

Weekly Activity: Lectio Divina (altered)

Read “Birthing a New Way” by Kelly Ann Hall each a day this week meditating on the following questions. You may need to read the poem multiple times.

Monday: What words or phrases stand out to me? What does the text say that everyone should understand?

Tuesday: What does this text say to me, today about surrender or “birth a new way”?

Wednesday: What do I want to say to God in response? What questions do I have?

Thursday: What is God trying to tell me? What word do I feel God is writing on my heart?

Friday: What needs to change in my life to surrender or “birth a new way”? What actions can I take to become more interdependent with God?

For other weeks in the series, go to http://www.ashlandpc.org/lent-2021/

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