Week Four: Amends

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Tripp Hudgins is a scholar, musician, minister, father, and husband. His field of research is liturgical music and emerging Christian communities and traditions. This means he pays attention to banjos as well as choral evensong and the internet. He is a Doctoral Candidate at Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA. He and his wife, Patricia, have a five-year-old son named Elias, and two cats. They live in Richmond, VA. He can be found on Twitter @tripphudgins  and Instagram: @biscuitsandbanjos 

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Spiritual Practice this week:

This week has the easiest instruction but the hardest actions. You will need multiple sheets of paper and three envelopes. Go back to the dependencies you named in week one. How have they affected other people?

Make a list of the person harmed by your shortcomings.

Pick up two people to write letters to. If it is possible, and it would not injure them, send them the letter when you are ready. The third letter is to yourself.  Write a letter to yourself and forgive yourself as well. This may be the hardest part, and you may not be ready to send the letters yet but pray on step ten until you are able to do so.

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