Social Justice in Baltimore Presbytery

Posted by on Jan 6, 2013 in Mission | Comments Off on Social Justice in Baltimore Presbytery

The Baltimore Presbytery does more than pray about unjust laws and practices that negatively affect the most vulnerable people in our state. It raises awareness of social injustice, and resource congregants who wish to advocate for further dialog or changes to public policy.  We cannot raise a voice if we are not aware of what is being considered at the Maryland State level.

Susan Krehbiel is the new Director of Congregational Advocacy for the Baltimore Presbytery.  Her primary focus is to reach out, support and equip congregations to claim their role of prophetic witness, to speak out against injustice.  Susan will provide the resources, encouragement and opportunities to have your voice heard on the social justice issues that touch your heart and soul.

In order to reflect this new focus, the Presbytery web page is being redesigned.  In the coming weeks, will show links to tools for congregations, stories about advocacy around the Presbytery, theological resources and advocacy opportunities and action alerts.

Susan can be reached best by email: skrehbiel at baltimorepresbytery dot org, or you can leave a voicemail question or concern with her at the office: 410-433-2012 ext.151.   Let Susan know if you wish to be on her email list.