Online Easter Worship!

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Welcome to Worship!


We know we will miss being together today even more than every other Sunday, but we did our best to bring you a worship experience at home that feels like the next best thing.

A big thanks to our musicians who prerecorded special music for us- Greg Small, trumpet and Jackie Claudy, vocals (she’s JoAnn Ruther’s niece, by the way). As always special thanks to the worship team and Sheila Slade-Lee. I am forever grateful for technology where we can pull from old recordings. Stay tuned through the end, you won’t want to miss the postlude! We’ve also brought you an extra special surprise, can you guess what it is?

This morning’s Scripture is John 20:1-18. I bet you didn’t see that coming!

Let us worship God together:

A special thanks to Derrick Weston for compiling and producing the video.

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