Mission Committee

Mission is doing the work of the Kingdom as Jesus taught us. Mission goes beyond kindness; it builds foundations that become a base for life-giving relationships with others. Mission strengthens our community as we mutually embrace each other in partnership.

The Ashland Church Community has embraced a wide variety of mission and service projects as an expression of their love for God, the community and one another. In His earthly ministry and service, Jesus set an example for us. We are taught to comfort the sick, shelter the homeless, stand with the oppressed, steward the earth and share our resources. Mission goes beyond kindness; it builds foundations that become a base for life-giving relationship with others. It extends and strengthens our community as we embrace each other in partnership as part of God’s Kingdom on earth.

Here is a summary of some of the active projects. Is there a project to which God calls you? If you would like to join this work, please contact the church office. Note that all projects sponsored by the church are subject to the approval of Session.

Women of the church and community make blankets for ill children as part of the Linus Project.

The Linus Project – provides handmade blankets to critically ill children. The Ashland chapter serves as a gathering point for contributions throughout the area. Led by Fay Husted.

Habitat for Humanity – the Ashland team is very active in projects serving families in need in Baltimore City. Led by Dick Uhler.

United Church Assistance Network – provides an array of emergency services in Cockeysville. The Center is operated by a group of churches in the community. Volunteer opportunities are available and training is provided.  To learn more about UCAN, watch this short video. Church contact is Dick Uhler.

Sarah’s Hope: In the Sandtown Winchester community of downtown Baltimore, Sarah’s Hope is a program for single mothers and their children to improve parenting skills and transition to self-sufficiency that is operated by St. Vincent de Paul. Ashland supports the program by providing hot meals, packed lunches and collections for seasonal activities. Meals are delivered once a month – since there are three teams each team only serves four times a year. As part of this ministry we seek to share a bit of God’s Kingdom with these families by affirming the mother as an effective parent and modeling an attitude of gratitude for the children. There are opportunities to participate.

The Guatemala Partnership – This outreach to the Mayan Indians in Guatemala is a project of the Baltimore Presbytery. The Partnership provides both medical and educational support, and encourages the Mayans economically and culturally. Here in Maryland, the Partnership offers informational presentations and organizes regular visits to the Guatemala project. More information is available at www.guatemalapartnership.org or by contacting Bill and Bonnie Clarke.

The Cuba Partnership – Ashland’s sister church relationship with the Presbyterian Church in Cabaiguan has grown to become a formal Presbytery to Presbytery partnership between El Centro and Baltimore. Ashland provides medical and humanitarian assistance and encourages the Cuban church in their community outreach projects in Cuba. More information is available at www.cubapartnership.org or by contacting John Walter.

Kasupe Project – Cares for orphans in Malawi under extreme conditions. Ashland began supporting Fletcher Padoko as a seminary student in Africa. When he has visited Ashland, the church has inspired by his commitment and the magnitude of the work he has undertaken in Malawi. Opportunities to support this project are evolving. Church contacts are Margie Berlin and JoAnn Ruther.

The Baltimore Center- We want to help your congregation or youth group find where compassion meets justice in your community. We have two ways to do this: Mission Trips. We host youth or adult groups from across the United States at our Baltimore mission center for an urban “immersion” experience that will prepare you to get involved in justice-making in your own community. Partner Congregations. We partner with congregations in the Presbytery of Baltimore (PCUSA) to help them identify and engage with neighborhood leaders to effect change around them.

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