Lent 2021

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Week One: Powerless with Rev. Carrie Fraser

Week Two: Surrender with Rev. Katie Jo Suddaby

Week Three: Confession with Rev. David Hansen

Week Four: Amends with Tripp Hudgins

In the last year, this pandemic halted life as we knew it, and we are SO READY for us to all get our vaccines and “return to normal” but when we’re honest, we need to admit something too: there’s this feeling of dread. This pandemic has caused us to ask a lot of questions about what our lives were like, and what we want them to be when we re-emerge.

We could slowly emerge from this pandemic and let life just return to normal, and miss the opportunity it presents because this pandemic has taught us so much about ourselves and what’s important to us.

The season of Lent is a time where we seek to do the inner work of our souls and emerge with an understanding of new life and a new world. No one is saying that by Easter Sunday the pandemic will be over, but this vaccine has put a window on some work we have to do before this pandemic ends.

Over this past year, many questions have been asked. Questions like: What about my life before did I love? What didn’t serve me but I did anyway? Where did I put my priorities, and were they in the right place? When life in public resumes, what do I want to do differently and how do I go about doing those things? How have my relationships with some people or institutions in my life changed during this time? How do I want them to be different?

This Lenten series is here to help us answer some of these questions. As we seek to see what a new future will look like, we will use a very accessible discernment process used to change millions of lives. The 12 steps that are used in recovery can help us to the other side of this pandemic, because if this pandemic has taught us anything it’s living one day at a time.

This is not about alcohol or addiction, it is about recognizing that we all have dependencies (working too much, putting others before our family, not creating boundaries, finding self-worth dependent on what we produce or contribute, just to name a few). In these 5 weeks we will walk through the 12 steps and the themes: Powerless, Surrender, Confession, Amends, and Awakening. We have a slate of amazing people to engage in conversations with Pastor Shannon on each of these topics.

We have an opportunity to change our lives like never before. Join us during this Lenten Season and help us make a better tomorrow post pandemic.

Please join us for weekly worship, posted each Sunday morning or by listening to the longer conversations either through video or podcast. Links will be posted each week.

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